Happy Birthday, Maestro!

565th Salaana Urs Mubarak, Hazrat Baba Leonardo Da Vinci Ornithopter Wali Sarkaar, 15th of April, 2017.

Maestro Da Vinci, a true genius, a bastard, and a homosexual and yet, he made something of himself. History remembers him as the Renaissance man. His half-brothers stole his inheritance, forcing him to leave on pieces provided by an array of patrons and yet, he lives while no remembers his brothers.

You know the last he ever wrote? He was writing a theorem and was probably in the zone, so much stuff going on in his mind and yet, he cut all that off and wrote, “Perche La Minestra Si Fredda” meaning, “because the soup is getting cold”. What a profound statement.

His greatest achievement, if you ask me, is that he inspired me to become the person that I’m aiming to become. LOL, but seriously, To learn whatever I can, see how it all connects, I take pride in being an aspirant of Polymathy, all thanks to him.

To Leonardo Da Vinci, the maestro!