A few lines I wrote, still in progress, after reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. The reason that I got the idea is that I read about Dr. Abdus Salam and his contributions to science in the book. In case you didn’t know, he proposed unification of Weak Nuclear Force and Electromagnetic […]

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The Poet…

A portrait of a poet. Gurdas Maan is one of the most respected poets and Punjabi singer of all time. I often say that Maan Sb is the most educated Punjabi in the world, not in the count of diplomas and degrees but the knowledge of nature and spirituality. Here’s his latest song about Punjab’s […]

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The Historian…

“Man is essentially ignorant, and becomes learned through acquiring knowledge.” Portrait of Ibn Khaldun. His book, Al Muqaddimah is a work of genius that changed the world, if I were to list the most importrant books ever written, I’d put Al Muqaddimah second, right after Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This man taught the world to […]

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The Lyallpuria…

“Life has to be lived on your own, the strength of others is only used to carry funerals” – Sardaar Bhagat Singh (28 September 1907 – 23 March 1931) So, 23rd of March is a very important day in the history of Pakistan. The Resolution was passed in 1940, Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic […]

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Happy Birthday, Maestro!

565th Salaana Urs Mubarak, Hazrat Baba Leonardo Da Vinci Ornithopter Wali Sarkaar, 15th of April, 2017. Maestro Da Vinci, a true genius, a bastard, and a homosexual and yet, he made something of himself. History remembers him as the Renaissance man. His half-brothers stole his inheritance, forcing him to leave on pieces provided by an […]

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